Why choose us?

Neale Lewis Associates are  experts in helping  organisations Scale Up  with a powerful track record of delivering, through coaching and training, substantial business growth and performance improvements significantly ahead of competitors.

Working closely with the Owners and CEOs of mid market and aspiring mid market companies we seek to build value and drive sustainable high performance.

Our best results are with companies that see the importance of creating a robust organisational structure, developing their leadership and management team, and are committed to shifting from a tactical reactive way of working to incorporate strategic thinking and planning into the organisation.

Embracing the very finest business tools to enable Mid Market high growth companies to achieve outstanding growth performance through focusing on the four critical platforms of : Strategy, People, Cash and Execution.  As Certified Gazelles International coaches, our expertise is helping businesses with the understanding and implementation of these tools to facilitate sustainable growth and profitability.

Why choose Neale Lewis Associates to help your company scale?

  • Access to the very best business education.
  • Access to the very best business growth tools, including the One Page Strategic Plan.
  • Access to the very best thought leaders in the world who are faculty members of the Scale Up Institute.
  • Access to world class training and coaching facilities.

World Class Training Facilities.  Our Coaching and Training facilities are located in the iHub in Derby, on the brand new Infinity Park development. Located right next to Rolls Royce global headquarters.

Featuring the very best Conferencing and meeting facilities, we seek to ensure that the learning and coaching is delivered in an environment where you and your team are inspired to be your very best.