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December 2016

5 Crucial Performance Metrics

This article details the five most crucial performance indicators for executive success. It is critical to measure what really matters and you’ll multiply your leadership impact exponentially.
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November 2016

September 2016

Key lessons for business from the Rio Olympics

The Rio Olympics has been a fantastic success for Team GB. After the outstanding performance at the London games few countries have ever gone onto better their performance at the next Olympics. Team GB did that and in coming second in the overall table catapulted the country into a global sporting super power. How was this achieved?
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April 2016

Scale-up leadership lessons from the CEO of Hubspot

A great article from Brian Halligan the CEO of Hubspot on the leadership lessons he has learnt at the helm of Hubspot the inbound marketing company. I have shared Brian's article in full as his lessons are so powerful and the questions that he poses for leaders of potential scale-ups are so insightful.
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March 2016

Why we need to focus more on supporting the Gazelle companies to successfully Scale Up

Gazelle companies will drive the economic recovery – but at the moment they don’t get the support they need to thrive.
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February 2016

How to break through the barriers to Business Growth

Most businesses fail to scale up. Here are three obstacles you need to blast through if you want your business to grow.
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January 2016

My Top 5 Business books of 2015

As more business and thought leaders are highlighting the importance of reading more it struck me as a good time to reflect on the business books that I had read in 2015 and highlight those that have had the biggest impact on my thinking or helped facilitate the learning of others.
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November 2015

The benefits of focusing on Scaling-Up businesses across the UK

One year ago Sherry Coutu produced a ground breaking report that looked at the benefits to the economy and to Governments by focusing in helping companies Scale-Up.
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May 2015

Are Leaders Born or Made?

In 2001 came the announcement that shocked the corporate world. Enron – the corporate poster child, the company of the future—had gone belly up. What happened? How did such spectacular promise turn into such a spectacular disaster? Was it incompetence? Was it corruption?
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