To successfully Scale Up it is vital to be able to master the key areas to successfully grow an organisation. This includes creating a powerful vision, setting down core values, developing a strong marketing plan, attracting talented employees and mastering the financials.

We understand the growing pains that are associated with transitioning from being a start-up company to a company focused on high growth potential:

  • The need to attract  great talent to your organisation.
  • The importance of setting down a powerful set of values that will inform your culture.
  • The fact that “Growth burns cash”  and the need to focus on managing positive cashflow.
  • The importance of focusing on developing your leadership capability across the organisation, so that all the heavy lifting in growing the company does not just fall on your shoulders.
  • The requirement to focus on putting in the right systems and infrastructure to help facilitate growth.

We have worked with many companies as they graduate from being the small mice in the start-up phase to the agile “Gazelle” in the Scale-up stage.  We understand these growing pains and have the very best tools and education to help you and your team enjoy the journey.

MIce Gazelles