Executive Coaching Services

Working at board level usually involves a huge workload, and there is rarely time to explore issues in depth. At this level, there are far fewer people in the organisation with whom you can talk openly – the issues are often just too sensitive or complex.

Who can help you reflect on key questions about the future direction, the shape of your organisation, your leadership and how it translates into everyday action? How do you explore ways you could lead more effectively?

Neale Lewis Associates work with directors and chief executives on a fully confidential basis.

The coaching explores your real concerns and issues. It focuses on goals and outcomes to ensure that there is a direct impact on your performance and the organisation.

Our executive coaches, have extensive business experience and work with a wide range of business issues, as well as helping individuals improve their effectiveness.

We provide one to one Executive and Leadership Coaching for senior Executives to Emerging Leaders.

Our goal is to strengthen leadership by increasing influence, building critical skills, and improving overall effectiveness.

We draw heavily on assessment tools to focus the coaching on the individual and ensure results.

Coaching can focus on specific leadership and communication skills, executive presence, overall effectiveness, or personal and professional development.