ScaleUp University Launch – London May 2018

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Most cities have robust startup eco-systems. Currently, the international focus is pivoting to create complementary scaleup eco-systems for middle-market companies.  Ultimately, it is the successful startups that scaleup into large, vibrant companies which drive economies.

 In London and elsewhere, there are several programs designed to help startup companies. However, for organisations that have passed the startup phase, the options are very limited particularly for middle-market, high-potential firms with revenues of £5 million – £100 million.  Yet these firms have the best chance to scale 3x – 10x (and beyond) and to contribute significant growth to local economies.

 Identifying, educating, supporting and honoring these companies – as communities similarly do for local startups and larger, established firms – is the essence of the ScaleUpU-London Initiative.

 Verne Harnish, International business consultant, coach and author, has initiated a 36-month Executive Education Program to facilitate middle-market firms scaleup into larger firms. The inaugural ScaleUpU programme in the UK will be launched in London on  April 30th 2018 and run for 3 and 1/2 days through to Thursday 3rd May.

The curriculum will be taught by world class thought leaders within the Scale Up Faculty including Verne Harnish, David Meerman Scott, John Mullins, Alan Miltz, Margaret Heffernan, Daniel Cable.

To register an expression of interest in joining the next cohort of ScaleUp University please click here.