Scaling Up Masterclass: How to Improve Business Cashflow with Alan Miltz

Alan Miltz has changed the way in which businesses review financial performance. His analysis techniques are used in over 30 countries by leading banks, businesses and accounting firms.

During this powerful workshop that we are running in association with the accountancy firm Smith and Williamson, Alan will provide you with the implementation tools and solutions to achieve business excellence using his One Page Financial Scorecard, Monthly Management Reporting process and banking excellence techniques. Attend this event and you will learn about:

  • Monthly Management Meetings. A format will be provided to conduct monthly/quarterly senior management or board meetings using a reporting process to ensure all financial and business blind spots are uncovered. This includes all the spreadsheets to calculate all the numbers (you’ll be provided with the report, the spreadsheets & full details on how to implement the process
  • Cash Flow Story. The 4 chapters of financial excellence (profitability, working capital, other capital. and cash flow and funding!. How is your business performing in relation to the four chapters? What does every number mean, how you can improve them, how do your non-financial staff impact the numbers’ performance? Alan will provide a flow chart covering every ratio and the techniques to improve.
  • Power of One. Discover how to fix your business using 1% or 1 day changes to achieve its financial goals.
  • How to Create a culture of financial and business excellence ensuring your non-financial managers understand your business.
  • Banks View. Learn how to ensure your organisation understands the way the banks view your performance and how to build a true partner with your bank through improved communication. Banking templates will be provided. How would the best review your business- the best CEO’s, COO’s, CFO’s and Credit Officers?

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Here’re what our CEO alumni have to say:

“Alan is an expert in presenting financial and management issues. He has global experience and is well qualified to speak on helping companies improve their cash flow performance!”

~ David Smorgan, CEO

 “A master in his field of expertise. Engaging, Inspiring, delivering beyond your expectations. Alan is the kind of speaker who engenders a real sense of engagement with his audience.”

~ Barry Westhorpe, CEO