Scaling up

“ A country with Gazelles excels”

The Scaling Up report published by Sherry Coutu in November 2014 identifies the importance to the economy on developing a powerful ecosystem where companies seeking to Scale, can receive the education, investment and community to succeed. At Neale Lewis and Associates we are committed to not only understand the dynamics of the Scale Up community, but become leaders in creating more successful Scale Ups across the UK and the rest of the world.

Getting our ecosystem to produce a greater number of scale-ups is more ambitious and challenging than producing a greater number of start-ups or celebrating entrepreneurs.

“First mover advantage doesn’t go to the first company that launches, it goes to the first company that scales.” Reid Hoffman, co-founder of Linkedin

“Competitive advantage doesn’t go to the nations that focus on creating companies, it goes to nations that focus on scaling companies.” Sherry Coutu CBE

In growing from 10 to 100 employees, to 500, 1,000 and so on, companies have specific requirements for capital, management, skills and organisational processes.

The following factors, in order of importance, are the key reasons why companies are unable to scale in the UK. Companies have issues:

  • Finding employees to hire who have the skills they need
  • Building their leadership capability
  • Accessing customers in other markets / home market
  • Accessing the right combination of finance
  • Navigating infrastructure

We have designed specific executive education programmes that brings together cohorts of companies focused on Scaling Up that can be driven through Accelerator programmes or delivered in conjunction with Universities Entrepreneurship programmes.

The Scale Up University has a single minded vision to provide the very best high growth business education underpinned by global thought leaders and the very best on line learning. Ultimately leading to a Master in Business Dynamics that is accredited by the Gazelles.