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Scaling Up Workshop London 2016

Mario Ramadan

International Accelerator Coordinator ★ Telecom ★ Startups ★ Social Activist

“Neale is a highly talented and motivated business coach who is driven by the passion of supporting entrepreneurs to scale their businesses. His friendliness coupled with his experience, knowledge, listening skills, and drive to keep his listener focused and happy make him the right person to support anybody working on scaling up his/her business. I strongly recommend Neale”

Laura Hoult

 NCS Trade Signs

“Neale Lewis lives by his values and beliefs. He is a genuinely motivated and results driven individual who thrives on the great results of his clients.
The 90 day planning sessions which Neale hosts are full of passion and enthusiasm from him and his clients. Our management team has seen a real mental shift, and we are able to implement valuable new learnings after each coaching session. We highly recommend Neale to any business looking to become a master of excellence in their field.

Simon Gray

“Neale is a highly professional and knowledgeable business coach. His energy and enthusiasm is infectious as his passion for excellence. I would recommend him to (and have already done so) to anyone looking to work on and develop their business”